"...I’m About To Show You The Single Best Way You Could Ever Invest $1 In Your Real Estate Investing Business:
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Cecil Addison Did, And He Closed On A Short Sale Deal That Netted Him A $45,000 Profit!

Listen To The Case Study Interview To Hear Exactly How He Did It, Using One Of Our Leads!

Cecil Addison, Real estate Investor
Cecil Addison
Real Estate Investor
Long Island, NY

Dear Friend,

If you’re having trouble finding and generating good, high quality, motivated seller leads with your existing marketing budget, then this will be the most important letter you’ll read all year.

Here’s the story…

Our company has been generating motivated seller leads for ourselves and other real estate investors for years now…but with the emergence of the credit crunch, Wall Street bailout, housing crisis, and foreclosure epidemic, we’re generating more leads than ever before.

Between our advanced SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques, and our lead generation skills, we are generating more motivated seller leads than we can handle!

"We Have More Leads Than Investors!"

…So we started giving them away, for free.  In fact, we still do that.  You signed up for that very service on the previous page. Congratulations.

As you can imagine, we have a ton of people signing up for the free version of the service.  So we decided to implement a “VIP” club.

"How Does It Work?"

Everyone who upgraded to our VIP service get their leads delivered to them in REAL TIME.  If you stay as a FREE member, you’ll get your leads on a 7 day delay.  So, if you want to get first crack at these motivated sellers, simply upgrade your membership right now to VIP, and take a $1 test drive in our "VIP" club.

Upgrade Your Membership Right Now For A
$1 Trial In Our VIP Lead Club And Get:

1  All leads in REAL TIME (so you get that extra jump on your competition)
1  Leads in up to 3 states (no risk expanding your business into another market you’ve had your eyes on)
1  No long term commitments or contracts (you can cancel at anytime, no questions asked)
1  Access to secret leads that no one else knows about (most motivated sellers start their search online, and we’re scooping up those leads on a daily basis)
1  Massive  leverage (let us become part of your marketing team)

Our VIP Club Is The Smart Marketing Choice
For Investors Everywhere!

Why would you give your competition a 7 day head start on you?  Of course you want to get these leads in real time.  Imagine a lead coming into your email inbox, or even your Blackberry or your IPhone.  You’re a click away from calling the motivated seller and picking up another big profit property!  How much easier can it get? 

Upgrade Your Membership To VIP Right Now
For Only $1 And You'll Get...

Motivated Seller Leads delivered to your email inbox in REAL TIME!
Access to leads that your competition will never even know about (and leave them wondering "how the heck did they find that one?")
The easiest way to instantly get started in real estate investing (even if you can’t afford direct mail, a website, bandit signs or newspaper ads)
The single best way to spend $1 on your real estate investing business
(and only $29.95/month thereafter)
The secret list of leads that your competition is praying you don’t find out about

Marketing Your Real Estate Business Can Be Expensive

By now I’m sure you’ve heard the expression “You’re in the marketing business, not the home buying and selling business” and nothing could be more accurate.

The problem is that marketing your real estate business is expensive.  Think about all of the costs involved:

Building a website (expensive enough, then you have to get traffic to it, no easy task)!
Ongoing search engine optimization and paying Google for clicks from unmotivated sellers (and these costs keep rising).
Direct mail campaigns that don’t convert (and the costs of stamps keep rising).
Direct mail campaigns that lookEXACTLY like your competitors (don’t think that you’re the only one in your town using that same letter from that GURU home study course).
Time and effort spent on hanging bandit signs (only to have the “sign police” tear them down a couple of days later, or worse yet, report you to the local authorities).
Door knocking in the blazing heat of summer, or the freezing cold of the winter (that is if you or one of your staff even have the guts to knock on doors of homeowners facing foreclosure).
"Driving For Dollars" (with today's traffic problems and gas prices, how the heck is that a good use of your time or money).
Trying to network with arrogant realtors (who won't give you the time of day).

There Must Be A Better Way…

The VIP service in our Motivated Seller Lead Club is simply the best, easiest and most cost effective way to get more leads for your real estate investing business.  For the insanely low price of $1 for the first 30 days (and only $29.95/month thereafter), you can relax knowing that you only have to speak to a lead when it’s delivered in real time to your email inbox.

And right now, you don’t even have to spend $29.95 to try it out.  You can take a 30 day test drive for just $1!  There is simply no better way to spend $1 on marketing for your real estate investing business.

I Want To Take The $1 Test Drive Right Now

Don’t believe that this is simply the best way to spend your marketing dollars on your real estate investing business?  Don’t just take my word for it, check out what these other investors have to say:

Case Study:

"$45,000 Net Profit"

"Cecil Addison upgraded to VIP & closed on a short sale deal that netted him a $45,000 profit! Listen to the 13 minute case study interview to hear exactly how he did it, using one of our leads!

-Cecil Addison Real Estate Investor Long Island, NY

Case Study:

"...Rookie Investor Closes First Deal for $12,000 Profit From Free Training From Justin Lee...then makes $1,200' in 60 minutes of work helping a homeowner KEEP their home..."

Nicolas Gomez had never closed a real estate deal before he got some FREE training from our Monthly Coaching Club. He used our training and flipped a short sale for a $12,000 profit. He also made $1,200 in 60 minutes of work helping a homeowner keep their home and avoid foreclosure. He also used his 30 minute strategy session with us to get an idea that's going to explode his profits this year!
Listen to the case study right now.

"Over $60,000 In Equity"

"The first lead I ever got from this service resulted in a deal that we picked up for NO money down and had OVER $60,000 in equity! The seller just deeded the property over to us, and it was in immaculate condition. If you haven't signed up yet and aren't getting these leads you're missing out on a great marketing tool for your investing business. I wholeheartedly endorse this service, it's been phenomenal."

-Will Lansing, Real Estate Investor,
HML, & Mentor,
Profitable Partnerships (Washington, DC)

I Want Deals with $60,000 In Equity, Upgrade Me Now!

"Made A Quick 12,000"

"Your lead service has been amazing! Within a few weeks of signing up, we got our first lead, closed on the property, and made a quick $12,000. Thanks so much for delivering to us our most economical marketing source in our Preforeclosure business. You guys are the best!""

-Ted von Dedenroth
Longmont, Colorado

"Very First Lead Was an Easy $3,319.62 Profit"

"The very first lead that you ever sent over to us was a shortsale deal. We contacted the very motivated homeowner, got the debt negotiated, stopped the foreclosure and flipped the property for an easy $3,319.62 in profit. If you're not already getting VIP leads you need to start right now!"

-Martin Goldberg, Owner,
Washington Property Solutions
Bellevue, WA

"Expects To Net A Minimum Of $20,000 Profit
From First Lead"

"Wow! My first lead was fantastic! It came within just days of signing up. We put the home under contract, and are working a short sale where we expect to net a MINIMUM of $20,000 profit. Anyone who doesn't sign up for this service just isn't serious about his real estate investing business. THANKS!""

Seattle, Washington

So This Is Really Only Going To Cost Me One Lousy Buck?

Yes only $1 for the first 30 days, and then the low, low price of only $29.95 per month thereafter. 
Let that insanely low monthly price sink in for second.  If you chose to invest that $29.95 somewhere else in your marketing budget you would be able to buy:

A 20 word ad that would run for 2 weeks in your local "Thrifty Nickel"
About 15-20 clicks (that CLICKS, not leads) in a Google Adwords campaign
About 10 bandit signs
68 First Class postage stamps (but you wouldn’t have any money left over for envelopes or postcards)

But it’s not just about what else you could do with the $29.95 each month.  It’s more about what the investment could mean to your real estate investing business.  Imagine if you landed a deal like Cecil Addison’s, and you made a $45,000 profit?

I Want A Deal Like Cecil’s, Upgrade Me Now!

Heck, imagine if you “only” made $3,319.62 like Martin Goldberg of Washington Property Solutions…it would still cover over 110 months of service…that’s over 9 years!

If We Were Talking Face To Face About This Opportunity, These Are Some Questions That You Might Have...

I thought you said the leads were free, and now you want me to pay $1? 
What’s going on?

The leads are free, if you’re willing to wait 7 days to see them.  We had to institute our VIP policy to spread out the phone calls the homeowners were getting.
VIP members get to see the leads in real time

How many leads can I expect each day?
We generate all of our own leads ourselves.  We do NOT go out and buy them from other sources, or scrape other websites.  These are all generated organically.  That being said, it depends on what states your getting leads for as to how many you’ll get each day.  Think “quality over quantity.”

I Want These Quality Motivated Seller Leads In Real Time

How do I get my leads?
Every lead is emailed to you.  It’s important that you whitelist our email address to ensure you get all of your leads delivered to you.  Whitelist instructions will be sent to you after you confirm your subscription.

How often will leads be sent to me?
Leads are sent as they are generated.  We only generate the highest quality leads, so there might be days where you don’t get any leads.  Please be patient.

What about if I need to change my subscription?
If you need to change the states that you’re receiving leads from, or you need to downgrade your service to free, you can do so by simply emailing our support team.

I’m still not convinced.  Do you have anything else for me today?
To make this a complete “no brainer” for you, we’ve even included the following two KILLER BONUSES for your you, today, just for taking the $1 test drive:

Free ReportKILLER BONUS #1:

A FREE copy of our Special Report,
"The Mortgage Meltdown Manifesto"
revealing exactly how to make big profits from the housing meltdown and foreclosure crisis
(Value $97)

Free Report
A FREE 30 Minute Strategy Session! 
We’ll get on the phone LIVE with you and review your business, and make specific recommendations to get you to where you need to be.  Imagine getting 30 minutes on the phone to have us review your business plan, and show you our exact model for making big profits in today’s real estate market!
(Value $250)

I Want These Killer Bonuses, Sign Me Up

Our "No Holds Barred"
Unconditional Satisfaction Guarantee

Simply test drive our VIP Lead Club for $1.
If you don’t think that it’s the BEST $1 you’ve ever spent in your real estate investing career, simply send us an email, and we’ll promptly cancel
your account, and even allow you to keep your 2 KILLER BONUSES
as a gesture of good faith for giving us a chance to earn your business

YES! I understand that instead of getting my leads for FREE on a 7 day delay, I can get them in REAL TIME by UPGRADING MY MEMBERSHIP TO VIP.

By Taking Action Today I Understand That I Am Getting:


MOTIVATED SELLER LEADS delivered to me via email, in real time, in the 3 different states I chose on the previous page.


I also understand that I can change the states I am receiving leads for, at anytime, by simply sending an email to your support team.


I also understand that I can downgrade my service to the FREE version, at anytime, no questions asked, by simply sending an email to your support team.


I also understand that I can cancel my membership at any time, no questions asked, by simply sending an email to your support team.


I also understand that I am entitled to the 2 following KILLER BONUSES by signing up today:

KILLER BONUS #1- A free copy of your Special Report, “The Mortgage Meltdown Manifesto”

KILLER BONUS #2- A free, live, 30 Minute Strategy Session over the phone with your team

Add To Cart

So it’s decision time now, friend.

Are you going to save that $1, or are you going to invest it in your real estate investing business? 
Rather than giving your competition a full 7 day head start on the next lead, wouldn’t you rather get it in REAL TIME?

Go ahead right now and upgrade your membership to VIP.  It’s only $1, a small investment to make in your real estate business.


Justin Lee
CEO & Founder, LLC

PS- Remember that marketing is the key to this business.  Let us help you out with your marketing for the next 30 days for one, lousy, stinkin’ dollar...

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